I was born to a bilingual family, an Arabic father and a Chinese mother and as a child, I remember growing up listening to stories my mother used to read to my sister and I. But the older we grew, the less time my mother had for us and somehow, storytelling ceased to exist.

Instead, during weekends, my mother forced us to copy whole articles from English and Arabic newspapers. It was tedious work to write, write, and write during weekends, just to get the reward of playing with my Lego blocks or PlayStation games for a couple of hours. I hated writing back then, but little did I know that writing back then would have a gigantic impact on my life right now.

I read a couple short story books over the following years and watched a lot of movies to satisfy my appetite for stories. And it was only until my early teens when I picked up my first novel, accidentally, which made me completely fall in love, once again, with story books, especially those written by David Gemmell. I was captivated by the breadth and depth of his imagination and that's the time when I first started thinking about being an author myself.

Distractions of the world prevented me from pursuing this dream, until recently. I guess only growing up, being an adult, feeling stuck at your job and knowing that you have got much more to offer to the world will make you realise that pursuing your childhood dream is the best thing you could do for yourself. So, I guess, now it's my time.